Journal of International Nursing Research

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Rules for Outstanding Reviewer Awards

Article 1 (Name)

The Outstanding Reviewer Awards shall be established within the Journal of International Nursing Research (JINR), the English-language journal published by the Japan Society of Nursing Research.

Article 2 (Purpose)

The purpose of this award is to recognize fulfillments made by high-quality reviewers of articles that appear in JINR, in order to contribute the development of nursing research.

Article 3 (Determination of Awards)

The Editorial Board of JINR will nominate the recipients of this award and report their findings to the Board of Directors, upon which the Board will determine award recipients.

Article 4 (Award Eligibility and Number)

JINR will evaluate the peer reviews submitted during each fiscal year, and from these select as many as five reviewers who are determined to have demonstrated exceptional excellence in their work.

Article 5 (Method of Awarding)

In principle, the awards shall be announced in the Journal of JINR and recipients notified thereof.

Supplemental Provision

These rules shall come into effect on November 28, 2022.

Outstanding Reviewer Awards for 2023

Outstanding Reviewer Awards for 2023 (PDF)